Year: 2023

  • Feeling the Timeless

    I’m sitting next to a fireplace on Christmas Eve, a time to reflect. I notice that there must have been quite some effort to install the iron fireplace and its chimney into the wall. I’m reminded that Klaus did that. Klaus was one of Dad’s best friends and now I’m staying in the flat that […]

  • Lying on the bus

    I’m in a bus and there was a father and son. He caught my eye because the little bit was lying in the floor happily and kitted out in his waterproof overalls the bus reached the bus stop and the doors swooshed open. Let’s go days the father but the son doesn’t want to budge. […]

  • A Tough Lesson about Incentives

    I found this line very interesting in a recent conversation with Dominic Cummings when he related his experience of working in Russia: “I also learned about incentives a lot. So everything I had to do with the airline was a total fiasco. And one of the things I figured I learned was — I, like […]

  • A Lasting Quality

    “If you want to preserve a building, you will try to make it in materials which last and last forever. You will try to make sure that this creation can be preserved intact, in just its present state, forever. Canvas must be ruled out because it has to be replaced; tiles must be so hard […]

  • Types of Freedom

    We’ve often talked about freedom – freedom is when you are able to do the things you want to do. Having options and having choices.  I heard about another type of freedom. A female comedian interviewed in the radio recently was asked what freedom meant to her and she said it was being able to […]

  • Antifragile Metrics

    For some time I’ve been thinking about metrics for antifragility. I first came across Troy Magennis’s framework: the ‘Six Dimensions of Team Performance” (perhaps worth reading first) and remember thinking at the time that his framework was fairly close to describing an antifragile system already. I thought I’d have a go at modifying it and […]

  • The Meaning of Risk

    If you think about the word ‘risk’ – what comes to mind? Throughout history, ‘risk’ has had slightly different connotations. Tracing the etymology, Michele Wucker provides a few clues into its various meanings, which could be summarized as: When I think about commercial settings, and the context in which risks are usually discussed, I think […]

  • Antifragility for Agilists

    Yesterday we hosted a talk at the Global Scrum Master Summit about antifragility for Scrum Masters (or any agilists, really!), and what Scrum Masters can learn and gain from antifragilty. We first guided participants through the concept of antifragility, starting with a story about chaikhanas (Afghan tea houses and how they’re antifragile), then we looked at an example from […]

  • A Timeless Mindset

    It blew my mind to think that the lead casing for this machine was mined by Roman miners 2,000 years ago.  I couldn’t help but daydream about previous eras for a while after that, wishing I was mining that lead with friends on some misty Welsh moor with a reassured and half-drunk vision of this […]

  • Joyfully feeding

    This morning just as I was unlocking my bike from the bike racks, a gentleman came up and apologetically wanted to move his bike (which was next to mine) out of the way. On both handlebars of his bike, he had two heavy plastic bags. As he was moving the bikes out the way, I […]