Year: 2024

  • Patterns of behaviour (from child to parent)

    Something I noticed when I first started living together with my partner was that there was a clash of certain ways of doing things / approaches or principles, even though we had similar cultures and similar belief systems. It often baffled me how we could be so different on such things. Only now do I […]

  • Your Mother’s Heartbeat

    I let my mind drift,As I lay with my head on your mother’s chest,Listening to her calm heart beat.Relax.So many things to do and things I want to do.Relax.But I have such limited time.Relax.I lifted my head, unsure –And suddenly noticed how quiet the world was.I could no longer hear your mother’s heartbeat.And I remembered […]

  • A Letter to A Friend: Safe Journeys

    Safe journey, old friend, and tell us how it goes.Take with you some aims and goalsAnd when you get there,Meet those people, see their habitat,Find their intricacies:The small things that make them tickThe things that make them, themThings they wouldn’t notice amongst themselves. Activities, customs and acts they can’t help doingOut of desire, necessity or […]

  • The Vagina Stone

    Once I was on the beach. It was a fairly cool summers day and my daughter and I were searching for pebbles that looked like eggs. One of the stones stood out and had the word ‘vagina’ written on it. It was amusing and I picked it up. Holding it, I could kind of imagine […]

  • The Distant B&W Past

    Growing up, the past seemed so far away. There were black and white images of this period before, especially images from the Second World War. The past seemed so distant in my mind. Due to the lack of colour, it appeared awful. I was glad that I didn’t live during that period. But most of […]