more beauty and creativity.

I guess I’m trying to capture a certain place or feeling. Something felt, experienced or dreamed.

Recently I’ve been exploring digital and AI art to create the dreams and visions in styles that I would’ve found difficult to recreate by hand.

I’m amazed at the potential for creativity now.

It’s almost as if we’ve been waiting for this.

It’s envisioning something from your own subconscious but also tapping into the collective subconscious (which I suppose we’re always doing anyway through stories) but in a slightly mad way, like in a dream.

I remember once dreaming that I was on a boat and out in the distance there were huge waves. As we got closer to the waves, I noticed that there was a funfair in the midst of these huge waves. We started driving around the funfair on a quadbike.

In my awakened state, I realised that I never questioned why there was a funfair in the waves or how the boat had changed into a quadbike. AI taps into a similar sort of delightful madness. Something you don’t expect but don’t need to question either.

It’s nothing short of magical.

As my friend Matt Gwyther said, it’s like being a kid again!