Ikea Hack Platform Bed

IKEA Hack Platform Bed

Ikea hack platform bed

Ikea Hack Platform Bed made with ikea Kura beds and birch ply

I’ve used three Kura beds. The tops have been cut off.

I drilled into the frame to make the screws flush so that I can place the frames together.

I reinforced the frames with upright supports using the leftover wood (from the top part). I used zinc brackets to screw on the wood underneath.

I then created the top with birch ply which I screwed onto the frame.


  • Every piece of furniture needs at least two functions
  • Zero clutter in the bedroom


It turns out

  • that it’s now quicker for me to learn a trade than wait for a tradesman
  • that it’s cheaper too. Quote was £2500 to build a platform bed (not incl VAT).
  • that people don’t value wood. People were tying to chuck this stuff out. It’s basically three Ikea children’s bunk beds which I hacked together into a solid frame. Acquired them for £20 in total. And yet …
  • that birch ply (the top part) has doubled and then doubled again in recent months
  • that the birch ply I bought is now an illegal product (the sustainable stuff is imported from Russia so it’s now banned!)

Now that I’ve finished the bed, I can get back to editing our eBooklet: Escaping the Dopaminferno a digital declutter and dopamine detox.