• Late Summer Grapes and Overlooking the Ocean in Devon

    It was mid-September and Matt, Jeremy and I travelled down to Devon to do a late summer retreat. We got into Devon quite late after setting off from Cambridge and driving down in the evening. It turned out to be a beautiful sun-filled weekend. This was the summer that I had probably spent the most […]

  • Oman – A Road Trip with my Father

    Oman – A Road Trip with my Father

    Last year I felt the strong desire to go on a road trip with my father. We hadn’t seen each other much over the pandemic period, and he had just had a hip operation. The events prompted a reflection within me and I felt that we needed to do something together. I had also bought […]

  • Mad Dogs and Beefeaters

    Mad Dogs and Beefeaters

    Six of us (us two, two Americans, an Australian and a Zimbabwean) were en route from the airport to a B&B in sleepy Wiltshire – close to Bath – for a team meeting. We were picked up from the train station by, interestingly, a South African taxi driver. The South African and the Zimbabwean immediately […]

  • Back in Berlin

    Back in Berlin

    I spent a long weekend in Berlin specifically to see the theatre play but the time was important to reconnect with my creativity and sense of freedom. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in Berlin and a lot has changed. I can hear more English as a common language for communication between people. […]

  • Two Negronis at Rick’s Cafe

    Two Negronis at Rick’s Cafe

    «Bon soir et bienvenus.» The two tall men stepped backAnd opened the heavy wooden doors, releasing themlike giant clams. A warm glow of orange light filters through.We approached a heavy desk surrounded by red curtains.Without looking up: «Avez vous une reservation?»«Nous avons déjà diné, merci. Seulement pour boire un verre.»«Bien sur.» The red curtains were opened, revealing the […]

  • Forest Questing in the Hessian Forest

    Forest Questing in the Hessian Forest

    Soon, my good friend Robert was due to become a father. I travelled over to Frankfurt to visit him before his son was due and I wanted to spend part of the time doing something spiritual in the forest, as a type of an initiation for him. I considered doing the ancient Thor’s hammer rite together with him I had […]

  • Finding the Peaks

    Finding the Peaks

    It’s been a while since I packed my travel bag and, as I stood in my bedroom with an empty bag on the floor, I was almost getting a rush thinking about the clothes and equipment I needed for a short adventure. I was heading up to the Peak district with a friend to hike, but […]

  • Off-piste in Catalunya

    Off-piste in Catalunya

    We picked up Aussie Pete from the bus station and threw his snowboarding gear into the back of the van. As soon as the van door slammed shut, the banter began. For four hours the banter didn’t stop as the three of us were swapping stories, jeering and joking as we edged closer to the […]