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  • Digital Escapism – What are We Running Away From?

    Digital Escapism – What are We Running Away From?

    Shantaram & underlying anxiety In the epic story, ‘Shantaram’, Gregory David Roberts talks about the constant anxiety he experienced in his everyday life. He was, after all, Australia’s most wanted man at the time. Since Gregory was on the run, his constant anxiety was hardly surprising: it was likely that at any time he could […]

  • Dopaminferno Book Launch

    Dopaminferno Book Launch

    Last week we launched our book, ‘Escaping the Dopaminferno – A Digital Declutter and Dopamine Detox‘ here in Cambridge, UK. It’s a new experience for us! As it happened, the place we booked was closing down the next day. So the building was stripped bare. It looked like the scene of a David Lynch film […]

  • What have I learned from Dopamine Detox 2.0?

    This was probably the most unscientific experiment I’ve ever done. Not only did I detox from dopamine, I also cut out alcohol, coffee and work! What’s more, I went from barely any training to lifting and training every day. I tracked zero data. The only metric was to see how it went, how I felt […]