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  • Burnout Trumps Agility

    Do you remember that odd tale of a how a Ladies Hairdresser from Bradford discovered a formula for heatproof paint (probably a mixture made with children’s PVA glue whilst he was attempting to make his own shampoo). The paint could withstand the heat of 1500C (the heat of a nuclear bomb). The product was demonstrated […]

  • Agile Burn Out in ‘The Achievement Society’

    Agile Burn Out in ‘The Achievement Society’

    In his book ‘Burn Out Society’, Byung-Chul Han, suggests that today’s psychological maladies (from a psychoanalytic perspective) do not stem from the negativity of repression (i.e. repressing what you shouldn’t do) as was the case in Freud’s times. Instead, today’s maladies such as depression, burn out and ADHD etc., stem from an excess of positivity – an excess of können / an excess […]