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  • Journeys to the Ends of the Earth – Trading in East Africa

    Journeys to the Ends of the Earth – Trading in East Africa

    In a delightful episode of this series (Journeys to the End of the Earth), the photographer, David Adams, joins a crew of dhow sailors as they sail along the East African coast trading from port to port. They have no compass nor maps to rely on, and sail without motor and electricity – just using […]

  • How are you?

    We’ve been doing some annual reviews and making a renewed effort to check in with people’s well-being. One thing that was pointed out was that it might be necessary to ask someone ‘how are you’ more than once because the first time people are inclined to just say ‘fine’. It reminded me of learning Arabic […]

  • Agile Burn Out in ‘The Achievement Society’

    Agile Burn Out in ‘The Achievement Society’

    In his book ‘Burn Out Society’, Byung-Chul Han, suggests that today’s psychological maladies (from a psychoanalytic perspective) do not stem from the negativity of repression (i.e. repressing what you shouldn’t do) as was the case in Freud’s times. Instead, today’s maladies such as depression, burn out and ADHD etc., stem from an excess of positivity – an excess of können / an excess […]

  • The Swedish Fishmonger’s Formula

    The Swedish Fishmonger’s Formula

    We were walking around Stockholm on a cold and windy autumnal day, when we chanced upon a fishmonger’s near the harbour side, overlooking the water. I opened the door and it went ping and I walked in. I looked at all the fresh fish and artisan produce from the coastal regions of the Baltic, Atlantic […]