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  • A Tough Lesson about Incentives

    I found this line very interesting in a recent conversation with Dominic Cummings when he related his experience of working in Russia: “I also learned about incentives a lot. So everything I had to do with the airline was a total fiasco. And one of the things I figured I learned was — I, like […]

  • Some perspective

    I remember my father told me a story about when we lived in India many years ago. Somebody in the village was collecting stories from the local village girls and translating them into English. It seemed to be part of some kind of scheme or charity to help these girls rebuild their lives. Somehow or […]

  • A Lesson from a Clown

    A Lesson from a Clown

    Probably the most personal thing I’m writing here. Probably one of the toughest lessons. One day a clown taught me an important life lesson. I had just started university and, at that time, I was insecure and prone to be embarrassed by just about anything. Somehow, I figured that to help me with self-confidence, I […]