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  • The Razor’s Edge

    The Razor’s Edge

    One of my favourite books is ‘The Razor’s Edge’ by Somerset Maugham. The opening epigraph is: The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over;thus the wise say the path to salvation is hard. It never made complete sense to me when I first read it in my twenties, and it still doesn’t. […]

  • What’s Quality?

    “I think there is such a thing as quality, but as soon as you try to define it, it goes haywire.” Robert Pirsig was trying to define it, rationalise it. In the end, he went haywire trying in the process. Grades in school don’t equte to quality. People can identify quality but cannot define it. […]

  • Schrödinger’s Email

    The cat is either alive or dead, but in quantum physics there is a scenario where it hypothetically could be both. I entered that quantum space today where I experienced both realities simultaneously. For a moment, for an eternity. I looked, read and then paused. Like those rugby players scoring a try, but not yet […]

  • A Lesson from Kung the Philosopher

    A Lesson from Kung the Philosopher

    Said Kung the Philosopher: You think that I have learnt a great deal, and kept the whole of it in my memory? Sse replied with respect: Of course, isn’t that so? It is not so. I have reduced it all to one principle. — Recently, I was tasked with giving a fifteen minute ‘lightning talk’ […]