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  • Outcome Orientated Space(s) and future of WFH

    Last year, when WFH became the norm, I was originally initested in how artisans work. They are of the few people in society who CREATE their own environment optimised to what they do / the outcome they wish to seek. But why should we look at artisans? Because they have to create the optmial environment, […]

  • WFH and the Misery or Mastery of One’s Work

    WFH and the Misery or Mastery of One’s Work

    Whilst re-reading the book, “How to make yourself miserable”, I realised that my current home office set up is much closer to the “perfect room for being miserable” than it is as a place to do high quality work. But, upon reflection, my open plan office wasn’t much better either. In fact, the open plan […]

  • Remote onboarding / Onboarding Retrospective

    Remote onboarding / Onboarding Retrospective

    This article is a combination of a retrospective that I created (the ‘feelrospective’!) based on Non-violent communication, and the subsequent insights about onboarding a new team member remotely (which I feel will become increasingly common). If you don’t know anything about Non-violent communication (NVC), this post will hopefully serve as a nice introduction and, ideally, inspire you […]