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  • Antifragility and World Championships

    Antifragility and World Championships

    Very interesting to see Duncan Scott reference #Antifragility in his withdrawal from the Worlds – and followed by some Latin! Couldn’t believe it. Antifragility is a concept a few of us have been exploring, and swimming is something I know more than enough about.  I was wondering why he mentioned #antifragility. There must be a recognition that the […]

  • An Objective and a Challenge

    I have now shared my two career objectives with close friends and my mentor. Sharing goals is something I used to do regularly in swimming. Usually it would come about in a training session usually before a big event or at the start of a season. There was something primal about it. Sharing goals has […]

  • A Lesson from the Gym

    A Lesson from the Gym

    In our gym we have a few good rowers. Being a swimmer, whenever I’m in the gym with them, we can’t help but swap stories about early morning training and best times but we also like to exchange important facts about things like bodyweight to strength ratios, potential one-rep max calculations, the nutritional benefits of […]

  • Off-piste in Catalunya

    Off-piste in Catalunya

    We picked up Aussie Pete from the bus station and threw his snowboarding gear into the back of the van. As soon as the van door slammed shut, the banter began. For four hours the banter didn’t stop as the three of us were swapping stories, jeering and joking as we edged closer to the […]