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  • Antifragile Metrics

    For some time I’ve been thinking about metrics for antifragility. I first came across Troy Magennis’s framework: the ‘Six Dimensions of Team Performance” (perhaps worth reading first) and remember thinking at the time that his framework was fairly close to describing an antifragile system already. I thought I’d have a go at modifying it and […]

  • Comparing value – (and what’s value?)

    I posted a poll on LinkedIn a couple weeks ago. It didn’t garner much response, but the results were nonetheless interesting. I was curious to know what people consider to be value. But to do this, I wanted to take money out of the equation and instead use an asset that most have or aspire […]

  • Stopping some fishing increases overall catches

    This was an interesting title I spotted in the Economist the other day! Instantly, I thought it was a relevant metaphor for some of our own work-related issues, so I posted a message on our internal work channel asking what it could be an metaphor for. One of the designers responded that it sounds like […]

  • The Swedish Fishmonger’s Formula

    The Swedish Fishmonger’s Formula

    We were walking around Stockholm on a cold and windy autumnal day, when we chanced upon a fishmonger’s near the harbour side, overlooking the water. I opened the door and it went ping and I walked in. I looked at all the fresh fish and artisan produce from the coastal regions of the Baltic, Atlantic […]

  • How Good Pricing Built Hamlet’s Castle

    How Good Pricing Built Hamlet’s Castle

    This is a short story about the history of value and pricing. Between the shores of modern day Denmark and Sweden, there is a slim body of water only a couple of miles wide. Hundreds of years ago, merchant ships sailed to and fro between the Baltic Sea and North sea, carrying their cargo to […]

  • An Exchange of Value

    Last night, I spent the evening looking around my grandmother’s house to see what I could keep for nostalgic reasons and (don’t tell anyone) but I was also rooting around to see if I could find some booty that has some value. In a week or so the whole lot is going to get chucked. […]

  • A lesson from Richard Wagner and a carpet

    A lesson from Richard Wagner and a carpet

    This is a story about a carpet I bought and how it led me, by pure chance, to a beautiful insight from one of Richard Wagner’s operas which gave me a paradigm shift in terms of my approach to work and life. But first, the story about the carpet: Recently, we were in Oman over […]