Year: 2021

  • The things we did this year

    I was standing on a field in a friends farm on the last evening of the year. It’s a clear starry night allowing me to see the billions of stars before a thin cloud covers it all a few minutes later. What a year! This year was a very positive and constructive year for many […]

  • My Personality Test

    Here are my results of my personality test: Top 110% for Gullibility!Note: based on 1,000,000 respondents. Top 1% for Pessimism! Note: Below average for UK. Top 5% for Speedy work! Note: Extremely rapid worker! You’re almost too quick to be true. Lowest 5% for Diligence! Tip: make sure you read the questions properly before answering […]

  • Ask Iwata – Gaming Work

    “Ask Iwata” is a short booklet with a collection of enjoyable insights from the legendary Nintendo CEO. What’s interesting is some of the philosophies to work (and play) within a gaming company. Incidentally, a company that works to create play. It was really evident how much this team loved making games and solving difficult problems […]

  • Trishanku’s Heaven

    Trishanku’s Heaven

    ‘Trishanku’s Heaven’ is the state of limbo between one’s goals and one’s current state. It’s based on the tale of a handsome Indian King, Trishanku, who asked a sage to send him to heaven with his physical body. The sage refused to partake in such stupidity and told him to do good deeds and then […]

  • What If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?

    What If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?

    I’m very proud of my cousin who, after many years of trying, finally got a leading role on a TV series that is broadcast internationally. The setting: A small alpine village where everything remains just right and everything is as it should be, until my cousin enters looking to rekindle the love for his teenage […]

  • Antifragility and Social Complexity

    Ari-Pekka Skarp and I had a wonderful conversation about #antifragility , #agility and #socialcomplexity and one interesting reflection, for me at least, was still on the topic of burnout (a sort of fragility localised at the individual level) and how it’s a lagging indicator – once it’s happened, it’s basically already too late – but how […]

  • Review of my personal kanban boards

    Review of my personal Kanban board. Over the course of just over one year: Completed 325 tasks Dismissed 55 tasks (i.e. ‘not aligned’) 33 tasks still in the backlog 6 Core Themes: Career, relationships, body & mind, hobbies, creativity, finance (usually prioritizing three for a longer period of time) Completed eight objectives related to those […]

  • Willing to change (till you get punched in the head)

    During a press conference before their third fight for the heavyweight title between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, Wilder’s new trainer was talking about some of the new changes that Wilder had made. Would these new changes work? They needed to if Wilder wanted to win. He had been severely beaten up in the last […]

  • Comparing value – (and what’s value?)

    I posted a poll on LinkedIn a couple weeks ago. It didn’t garner much response, but the results were nonetheless interesting. I was curious to know what people consider to be value. But to do this, I wanted to take money out of the equation and instead use an asset that most have or aspire […]

  • What have I learned from Dopamine Detox 2.0?

    This was probably the most unscientific experiment I’ve ever done. Not only did I detox from dopamine, I also cut out alcohol, coffee and work! What’s more, I went from barely any training to lifting and training every day. I tracked zero data. The only metric was to see how it went, how I felt […]