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  • Antifragile Metrics

    For some time I’ve been thinking about metrics for antifragility. I first came across Troy Magennis’s framework: the ‘Six Dimensions of Team Performance” (perhaps worth reading first) and remember thinking at the time that his framework was fairly close to describing an antifragile system already. I thought I’d have a go at modifying it and […]

  • The Meaning of Risk

    If you think about the word ‘risk’ – what comes to mind? Throughout history, ‘risk’ has had slightly different connotations. Tracing the etymology, Michele Wucker provides a few clues into its various meanings, which could be summarized as: When I think about commercial settings, and the context in which risks are usually discussed, I think […]

  • Antifragility for Agilists

    Yesterday we hosted a talk at the Global Scrum Master Summit about antifragility for Scrum Masters (or any agilists, really!), and what Scrum Masters can learn and gain from antifragilty. We first guided participants through the concept of antifragility, starting with a story about chaikhanas (Afghan tea houses and how they’re antifragile), then we looked at an example from […]

  • Summary: Dhandho Investor – The Low Risk Method to High Returns

    Mohnish Pabrai couldn’t figure out how on Earth the Patels – an small immigrant community that only arrived in the US a few decades ago with barely any assets to their name – managed to acquire $40bn worth of American motel and hotel assets. He came to realise that the answer is in their approach: low […]

  • The Zurich Axioms: A Summary through the Lens of Antifragility

    The Zurich Axioms: A Summary through the Lens of Antifragility

    The Zurich Axioms are based on the axioms that Swiss bankers have used to increase and preserve wealth over generations. I decided to look at the axioms through the lens of antifragility and with coaching principles in mind in order to better understand how to apply them. It’s all very well reading the axioms and […]

  • Capacity for Adaptability

    Whilst watching a documentary about reindeer herders in the Siberian Taiga, the narrator said that the nomads have a ‘high capacity for adaptability’. It might just have been a throw-away comment, but it made a lot of sense and I wondered about it afterwards. Was it true?  It was more than being adaptable. What was […]

  • Antifragility and World Championships

    Antifragility and World Championships

    Very interesting to see Duncan Scott reference #Antifragility in his withdrawal from the Worlds – and followed by some Latin! Couldn’t believe it. Antifragility is a concept a few of us have been exploring, and swimming is something I know more than enough about.  I was wondering why he mentioned #antifragility. There must be a recognition that the […]

  • Taking Risks to Advance Your Cause

    “Seven Years in Tibet” – which I thought was going to be an account of one man’s friendship with the Dalai Lama – actually begins with the lengthy tale (65 chapters!) of Heinrich Harrer trying to escape war imprisonment in India and trekking through Tibet. Only one purpose – to be free – guided his […]

  • Adam Curtis Discussing Risk

    I listened to the first half of Adam Curtis being interviewed by Russell Brand. Some interesting insights that caught my ear related to antifragility, change and risk: Through this interpretation, I understand that change and volatility has been suppressed whilst, throughout this time, the systems we live in have become more and more fragile (because […]

  • Antifragility and Social Complexity

    Ari-Pekka Skarp and I had a wonderful conversation about #antifragility , #agility and #socialcomplexity and one interesting reflection, for me at least, was still on the topic of burnout (a sort of fragility localised at the individual level) and how it’s a lagging indicator – once it’s happened, it’s basically already too late – but how […]