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  • The Persistence of Children

    Yesterday afternoon we were mucking about on a wooden pirate ship next to a river. I was there with my daughter (5 yo) and a friend and his son. The two kids were playing happily on the top deck. My friend and I decided to try and get our kids off the boat. We tried […]

  • Learning to Cycle & the Role of a Mentor

    Learning to Cycle & the Role of a Mentor

    Yesterday my daughter learned how to cycle.  She perched herself on the seat of red bicycle, put both her feet on the pedals, and then I slowly started pushing her forward till she could cycle on her own. She was pedalling and steering at the same time. After a short while she started wobbling, started […]

  • A lesson from a four year old and a washing machine

    Yesterday morning I was sat in the kitchen with my four year old daughter on my lap. I was humming a nursery rhyme and I was becoming increasingly hypnotized by the slow spinning of the washing machine. Round, round, gush, gush. We recently moved house, and for the past two weeks we had been trying […]