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  • What If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?

    What If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?

    I’m very proud of my cousin who, after many years of trying, finally got a leading role on a TV series that is broadcast internationally. The setting: A small alpine village where everything remains just right and everything is as it should be, until my cousin enters looking to rekindle the love for his teenage […]

  • Review of my personal kanban boards

    Review of my personal Kanban board. Over the course of just over one year: Completed 325 tasks Dismissed 55 tasks (i.e. ‘not aligned’) 33 tasks still in the backlog 6 Core Themes: Career, relationships, body & mind, hobbies, creativity, finance (usually prioritizing three for a longer period of time) Completed eight objectives related to those […]

  • Willing to change (till you get punched in the head)

    During a press conference before their third fight for the heavyweight title between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, Wilder’s new trainer was talking about some of the new changes that Wilder had made. Would these new changes work? They needed to if Wilder wanted to win. He had been severely beaten up in the last […]